About the App

If your kids are anything like ours, they’re probably spending more time on the iPad than they are reading books!

So, it’s no surprise that children as young as 2 are navigating this new technology with considerable ease. Apps are at the centre of this revolution, providing both entertainment and educational value. With this in mind, the goal for us was to create an app that was charming (& cheeky) while also being engaging and educational.

Sneaky Sam is an interactive children’s app about a little boy who’s a bit cheeky, certainly sneaky, but at the end of the day is a good kid who wants to be loved. There’s a bit of Sam in everyone! Kids can follow fun loving Sam as he sneaks & tricks his way around, getting up to mischief with his little dog Max.

Written & created by Josh Stewart, beautifully illustrated by award winning illustrator Binny Talib & narrated by well known Australian actor Felix Williamson (Me & My Monsters, Happy Feet), Sneaky Sam is a delightful story with a uniquely Australian feel.

Ideal for pre-readers and young readers alike, Sneaky Sam provides a fun and engaging ‘read to’ or ‘read aloud’ experience. As well as the story, there are 3 games to keep kids entertained – stickers, matching pairs & ‘find Sam’.

Binny’s gorgeous & unique illustrative style lends itself beautifully to the story and her simple 3 colour palette ensures this app will stand out from the crowd.

Sneaky Sam is a superbly animated children’s story that’s full of surprises…the perfect digital storybook for the sneakiest of kids!